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Double Snake 2.13.0

Double Snake 2.13.0: Can you control both snakes at the same time? One single snake may be a piece of cake for you, snake charmers - but is it still manageable when the number of snakes has doubled? In this game, your goal is to control the moving directions of the snakes, so that they can consume the food and keep growing without hitting the wall or themselves. Before the game starts, you will be given a list of options, allowing you to set the moving speed of the snakes as well as the number of snakes. You may

FreeSweetGames Snakes 1.4.40: Overtake opponents and get the object the first by directing the snake.
FreeSweetGames Snakes 1.4.40

Snake goes to the area with random positions on its border. While snake has not entered into the game (flashing status), it does not exist for the other opponents, but once out, it immediately begins to interact. Remember this when choosing the time of entry. Player cant stop the snake or make it go backwards. Upon reaching the border snake creeps out on the opposite side. If snake is collides with obstacles or with its own tail, then, certainly,

logic game, arcade

Killer Snakes Screensaver 1: Killer snakes screensaver is the meanest free nature screensaver you can get.
Killer Snakes Screensaver 1

Killer snakes screensaver is the meanest nature screensaver ever made. A collection of world`s most dangerous reptiles screensaver will freeze your blood. Rattlesnakes, deadly mambs, killer cobras, cottonmouth snakes and much more - only if you dare! Killer snakes screensaver is the authentic Wildlife screensaver. It does not get any wilder than this. The finest collection of the worlds` most venomous snakes.

forrest, snakes, danger, killer, screensaver, nature, reptiles, animals, scarry, wildlife

PocketSnake 0.11: PocketSnake is the classic Snake game for the Pocket PC PDAs.
PocketSnake 0.11

PocketSnake is another release of the classic Snake game for the Pocket PC PDAs. Your goal is to move the snake and eat as many `food` blocks as possible. When the food is eaten, the snake grows in length. If you hit a wall or the snake itself the game is over.

pocketsnake, snake, game, pocketpc, mobile, arcade

Snake Classics 1.2.0: Control the snake in this classical action game.
Snake Classics 1.2.0

In this game you will control the snake to eat food. Use the arrow keys to control the direction of the snake. When the snake eats a food, then it will grow and become longer. You should control the snake so that it will not run into walls or obstacles, it must also not hit itself, otherwise you will lose a life. When the snake reaches the end of the screen, it will come out from another end of the screen. After a certain number of foods are eate

action games, snake, classic games

ALTools Lunar Zodiac Snake Wallpaper 2005: ALTools Lunar New Year Snake Desktop Wallpapers
ALTools Lunar Zodiac Snake Wallpaper 2005

Snake is the 6th animal in the Chinese Zodiac. If you were born in 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, or 2001 then your Chinese Zodiac sign is the Snake and this ALTools Lunar Zodiac Snake wallpaper is for you. The ALTools Lunar (Chinese) Zodiac Snake Desktop Wallpaper is 1 of many wallpapers the 4th installment to the ALTools Desktop Wallpaper series. Inside you will find the Lunar Zodiac Snake with the Chinese character for snake. This high-quality

desktop wallpaper, lunar calendar, snake, egghead, chinese zodiac, alftp, chinese new year, lunar zodiac, zodiac, alzip

Rubik`s Snake 1.0.1: Play the fun game of Rubik`s Snake
Rubik`s Snake 1.0.1

In this game you will be given a picture of the shape to make, and then you will need to make it using the Rubik`s Snake. To twist the snake, move your mouse over the snake and then press one of the arrows. You can also drag the snake to rotate it so that you can have a better view. There are a total of 5 levels and the levels will be harder and harder. The faster you finish the puzzle, the higher your score will be.

rubki s snake, rubik s twist, snake, twist, rubik s snake puzzle, puzzle games, rubik s transformable snake

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